The Humble Hashtag’s Life of Hell

Did you know that more than 300 million people use Twitter?

I wonder what percentage of those users, ever use a hashtag responsibly. I don’t know about you, but I have come to hate hashtags and I realised this week that I need to reform. You see, I don’t hate hashtags in and of themselves, I just hate the way they are flagrantly abused daily on almost every social media platform known to man.

Last year I decided to simply rebel and stop using hashtags altogether as a silent (totally useless) rebellion. This year, I have decided that my contribution can’t save all the helpless hashtags out there. So, I’ll try and encourage others to use them in a (healthy) helpful way, by example.

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Book Review Of “Her Name is Missy”


Book Review of Her Name is Missy Letitia Matthews January 31, 2017

Her Name is Missy – By Gail Gillespie-Fox, with Graham Spence

Published December 2016 – First Edition

(261 Pages) Available on Amazon.com


‘I climbed into bed and just watched Missy sleeping for most of the night. At one stage I woke up and went to get her some milk. It was the last time I would ever do that.”

Missy’s story unfolds in the height of the 2015 Ebola epidemic, in Monrovia, Liberia. For the most part, her story’s beginning is not unlike that of thousands of other precious wild animals who are savagely slaughtered for bush meat, or snatched from the breasts of their freshly murdered mothers for resale to the most despicable of all creatures on our planet – human beings.

However, while Missy’s story is one that reveals all aspects of human depravity, ignorance and fear, it also testifies to the power of love and the capacity human beings have to make a difference and to write miracle endings in the face of impossible adversity.

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When No Adequate Words Exist

Have you ever been unable to adequately express something in words?

I don’t mean because you lack a good vocabulary. I mean, because to the best of your (astounding) knowledge, the right word(s) simply didn’t exist…

I have a good vocabulary and enjoy learning new words. But there have been times when I have felt the need, (in the interests of better serving humanity) to create my own new words. One, which some of you may be familiar with, is terrifical. I don’t recall the exact motivation for the birth of this new word, but it has served me well over the years.

Apparently, I am not alone, because others have also used ‘terrifical’ to the point where it now appears in several modern dictionaries. Great minds think alike… And before you go there – fools, by definition can’t/ don’t think, so they can’t create words:-).

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