Writing Services

Do you believe in the power of words?

Well-chosen words can make the world of difference in everything from personal communication to business correspondence. In the prevailing world of technology and social media, a far wider audience has access to your words and the potential impact should never be under-estimated or wasted.

Furthermore, well-written, meaningful content is increasingly gaining preference in SEO algorithms. Creating quality, relevant content, is fast becoming one of the best ways of building your brand’s credibility and maximising internet visibility.

We care about your message and believe in the fundamental principles of knowing and understanding your target audience to better convey your message in an authentic, engaging manner. Your message can, and should, stand out from the crowd based on its own merits.



Words Count offers a myriad of services to help you optimise the impact of your message. If the service you seek is not listed below, please feel free to contact us for help – our speciality lies in custom projects.

Websites & Commercials

Custom copy for your website is a must! We specialise in content that is impactful and relevant. Words need to work, and on your website they should establish a connection with a prospective client and pave the way for conversions.

Many clients around the globe trust Words Count to write their new and revised website copy.


Newsletters& Annual Reports

Newsletters are a lifeline between your customers and supporters and the services you offer, and the work you do. 

Words Count specialises in capturing the essence of your organisation and your projects. For a newsletter that is visually attractive with meaningful written content, contact me today. NGOs / NPOs qualify for special rates.


Blog Posts/ Content

Blogging has taken the world by storm, and aside from being a lucrative form of income generation, your blog is a way of connecting with other like-minded people, getting brand exposure, and giving your followers/ clients valuable information and resources.

An authentic, friendly blog post that is well-researched and written is a great way to reach your target market.


Content Editing Services

You know what you want to say, and your words are all on the page, but somehow something is just not quite right.

Editing can tidy your copy up, sharpen the message and hone the impact. There is enormous value in subjecting your content to a fresh pair of eyes, and having someone who is not emotionally attached to your words weed out the proverbial good, bad and ugly.


Press Releases/ Announcements

The advent of technology and social media have simply enhanced the power of written media.

Press Releases remain an effective tool for getting exposure for your business, product, or event.

Your announcement should be professionally written press to get your message noticed.


Creative Writing

Creative writing is at the heart of Words Count. Telling your story in a way that moves the reader, and evokes a response is what inspires us!

Trusting someone to tell your story is an act of faith and we appreciate the privilege. We would love to hear your story today, and we’ll work with you to tell it in a way that honours your message.


CV's / Resumes

Your Curriculum Vitae speaks for you in your absence. It’s your opportunity to impress a potential employer, or to at least interest them enough to get you invited to an interview. 

Most resumes tend to be too long and full of irrelevant information. We’ll write you a CV that will represent you as well as you would represent yourself in person.



Public speaking is a horror for the vast majority of us. 

Having a well-written speech can relieve the pressure significantly, and allow the speaker to speak confidently. 

For all your speeches or public address messages, let Words Count provide content that will make you shine.



Have you ever spent time and money preparing content for printing and finding errors in the hard copy post-production? It’s so frustrating and can be costly.

That’s why even the most accomplished writers rely on proofreading to ensure that their copy is grammatically correct and error free. Words Count’s proofreading service is cost-effective with a quick turn-around time.


Personal Projects

Clients around the world have come to trust Words Count when it comes to writing special messages, like letters to a loved one, eulogies, and messages of blessing for special occasions.

If you have a special message that you want to share from your heart, contact us. We’ll help you shape and refine your special message to perfection.